Apple Watch Series 2

The new Apple watch series 2 with full of advanced features compared to Series 1 to make the user to feel all the way move.


  • Superior Sports Watch
  • Advanced Activity Tracker
  • Powerful Health Tool
  • All Day Assistant


With the additional features and elegant design Apple series 2 watch keeps you more active.

Superior Sports Watch

Apple watch series 2 comes with inbuilt GPS, forbidden carrying IPhone when you going for run, workout, swim. Still we measure the activity results through built-in GPS.

In-Built GPS

Go for workout, Swim, Run without IPhone.



Heart Rate Sensor

The custom sensor measure your heart beat automatically when you use through workout app also you can check the result


Workout app

The predefined 12 indoor and outdoor workouts measure your every move and can check 5 metrics at a glance


Advanced Activity Tracker

The tracker basically designed to track how we are active on each and every day by what activity. How we made so busy on every day by doing what activity most and what we left

Activity Rings

The rings actually measure your stand, move and exercise rings on every day and alert you what activity to do make you healthy

Apple new product "iWatch", SCMP studio, 07APR15. {Cannot use at anywhere before Hong Kong time 20:00 08APR15}
Apple new product “iWatch”, SCMP studio, 07APR15. {Cannot use at anywhere before Hong Kong time 20:00 08APR15}


Apple watch series 2 smart notification for your activity makes you alert on what to do and how long.


Activity Sharing

Thinking that your more health compare to your friends, let Apple watch series 2 share your activity rings with your friends and get motivated.


Powerful Health Tool

Apple Watch series 2 help you to easily manage your health details like heartbeat, stress, also gives you access to add relevant apps. In overall have control on your health.

Heart Rate Sensor

A Custom sensor has been placed under Apple watch series 2, all the heart beat data has been sent to IPhone. You can track the overall heart beat trend in health app.


Breathe App

The app reminds about deep breath and let you reduce your stress


All Day Assistant

  • Apps and Notification
  • Customisable watch faces
  • App Dock
  • Ask More of Siri


Expected to be in store October &, Feel the experience of the new Apple Watch Series 2.

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